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PepperBall Technologies – Testimonials


"The PepperBall technologies have been proven effective in civil disturbances, prison riots, and (other) law enforcement situations. Their scientist and engineers have made some of the most important advances in non-lethal weapons. These visionaries are making our country safer by providing law enforcement and other officials with innovative less lethal weapons. This will be critical as the probability of international and domestic unrest and counterterrorist operations increases."

Col. John Alexander, Phd.

Recognized non-lethal weapons expert and author of

“Future War, non-lethal weapons in modern warfare.”


“The clash involved about 1,000 alcohol-fueled participants hurling glass bottles, destroying property and yelling. We engaged the crowed and fired PepperBall projectiles specifically developed for the cold temperatures at Salt Lake. Within minutes, the crowd began to break up and no injuries were reported.

We have received worldwide recognition in the security handling of the 2002 Olympics, but what really greatly should be known is the fact that this PepperBall system is what subdued the crowd that night. … I believe that this is the answer for modern day law enforcement. ”

 Sheriff Aaron Kennard, Salt Lake County Sheriff


“I was kind of a skeptic… but getting more acquainted with it I quickly learned that it is a reliable system, we’ve had zero malfunctions with the system… we also found out it was very target specific … we were able to literally take objects out of peoples hands… what most makes me an advocate of this PepperBall system is that it is user friendly and I was able to train our people and let them know… that they could use this system without seriously hurting people and that paid off in great benefits when we actually engaged a hostile crowd. We could move them and use this system more liberally than other systems and it was effective, almost so effective that it was scary. It did everything that was promised.”

 Captain David Burdett, Salt Lake County Sheriff


“I am highly impressed with this system, having actively deployed it in a riot situation. I can testify to its effectiveness. Within minuets of arriving on the riot and deploying the system we effectively moved the crowd wherever we wanted to, and it was very target specific on primary aggressive subjects. Within minuets of arriving on scene of the riot the situation was basically resolved and all the tumultuous activity had stopped.”

Detective Doug Lambert, Salt Lake County Sheriff


“We were dealing with a crowd of students bent on civil disorder. Just as it was becoming apparent that the officers could not keep their control line from breaking, and as the crowd started to break shop windows, throw fireworks at Police horses and glass bottles at the officers, the order to use PepperBall gained approval. When the PepperBall projectiles were launched the crowd was immediately disbursed without further incident or any injuries. It is a prudent, practical choice for crowd control or for any situation which calls for use of non-lethal force."

 - Chief Rodney Collins, Newmarket N.H. Police Department

“The PepperBall worked like a charm. It allowed officers to take an active aggressive, non-compliant subject into custody without the need to physically engage him and thereby risk injury to him or officers.”

 Omaha Police Department Lt. Robert Frock.


"PepperBall combines kinetic energy with an irritant effect. If the sting of the projectile against the body doesn't deter someone, the misery from the PAVA pepper cloud in skin pores, eyes, the throat and nasal passages most definitely will. It is our non-lethal weapon of choice."

Sgt. Joe Young, Aurora Colorado Police Department.


"This incident was a case demonstrating how and when non-lethal force can be used

successfully. If we didn't have PepperBall available during this altercation you might have seen a more tragic outcome."

 - Lt. Col. Tony Downs, New Albany Police Department.

After officers successfully subdued a man armed with two 9mm handguns

and a knife by using the PepperBall System.

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